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Music & Beyond

This is a collection of projects Cristián has been a part of: original music, colleagues' music, arrangement credits, music videos, and interviews. If you'd like Cristián to be on your music, contact him here

Cristián Tamblay on Spotify



Music written and produced by Cristián Tamblay (with no particular order). This music has been played by dear musician friends of his as well as some guest artists that trusted Cristián's writing and professionalism. 


Albums and Singles

Recordings Cristián has played on. Although these are Spotify Players, you can also find these records on all streaming platforms. It includes "Travels", an Album by Antonio Cocuzzo, AMI award-nominated EP "Barong and Rangda" by Bernard Jonathan, as well as other Singles and tracks that are part of multiple Albums

Co-arranged by Cristián 



Cristián Tamblay has been part of many other projects that have also been shared as videos. Here are only a few of the multiple performances and studio sessions he has been part of. For more simply look up his name on Youtube. You can also check out Cristián's YouTube channel here



Cristián Tamblay talks about his record "Exordium" on BuzzMusic, as well as what inspired him to write this music, the different challenges when making the album, and much more.

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From a remote live-stream celebration of the International Jazz Day in 2021, an interview with three Chilean musicians around the world covering topics about discipline, practicing and music (subtittles in English).

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Check out the conversation between Voyage LA Magazine and Cristián Tamblay, where they cover topics such as the challenges faced throughout his career, the lessons learned, and much more. 

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